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Fertilization Programs

Any homeowner knows that in order to achieve a lawn that looks lush, healthy and green is to regularly fertilize it. Erie Shores Lawn & Landscape offers the best fertilizing services at Oregon, OH and with our care, your yard will be looking gorgeous year round.

Many people may think that hiring a fertilizing service might be a wasteful investment but if not done correctly and with the right tools, your yard can end in a disaster. It’s not only about weed control or cutting grass. Our lawn service is equipped and they’re knowledgeable in using the proper amounts of ingredients at the right time.

Fertilizing is complex matter and fertilizer comes with diverse mixtures. With our yard maintenance, our landscapers will know how to determine what specific fertilizer to use for your lawn and at the correct time.

The way we conduct our fertilizing services is professional and our results are the best. If you need to fertilize your lawn, call Erie Shores Lawn & Landscape . We’re proud to serve the people from Oregon, OH.